The coronavirus pandemic has changed our everyday life, but it doesn’t need to change who we are. Since we can remember Milwaukee classics and small businesses have survived a World War (or two), the Great Depression, Prohibition, the 1918 flu pandemic, 9/11 and other tests of our collective mettle. We’re all in this together.

“We have been amazed by the outpouring of support from our loyal patrons,” says 5 O’Clock Steakhouse’s Stelio Kalkounos. “This is the greatest challenge the 5 O’ Clock Steakhouse has experienced. Within a few hours, we transformed from an iconic supper club steakhouse into a delivery and carryout business. Whoever survives this economic and emotional turmoil will emerge stronger.”

Because everything seems to be changing so quickly, I encourage you to call ahead to make sure these classics are still open and to check their hours. Calling ahead allows means you can have less face-to-face contact when you stop in to carry out.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay informed and stay joyful.