Alley Cat Lounge

A popular luxury piano bar and lounge in the 1940’s, Coerper’s Five O’Clock Club once attracted Milwaukee’s elite to its swanky Alley Cat Lounge for nightly entertainment and cocktails served by attractive ladies called “Kittens”. A buzzer, still visible near the back alley entrance, gained patrons discreet entry into the sleek nightclub. Some of those patrons (who wished to be un-named) purposely chose to avoid the general public & diners downstairs so they could indulge in some of their favorite activities.

Today the historic Alley Cat Lounge has been re-invented into the most unique private event space and one of the hottest jazz, blues and rock venues in Milwaukee, attracting top local and national acts. The Alley Cat Lounge features private dining Tuesday – Friday and live music every Friday starting at 8pm.


Upcoming Events at the Iconic Alley Cat Lounge

Live music every Friday starting at 8pm.

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