This month, two non-profit organizations that do similar work were honored at the Five O’Clock Steakhouse:  Broadscope Disability Services and Milwaukee Center For Independence ( For several years, the Five O’ Clock has supported Broadscope and their amazing mission, but this year, we felt it was important to support another neighborhood organization with a similar mission. These two groups support our communities in so many ways, it’s hard to chose a single category of service to discuss.  One area of life that both of these group support is employment counseling services for adults with disabilities. They also offer a wide variety of training programs to help transition people into the workforce.  In this way, they help others be all that they can be, so that these people can find their own way to contribute within their communities.

Again in April, restaurant owner Stelio Kalkounos directed a portion of the net proceeds this month go to support these two fine organizations.  April is also the month we notice the weather in Milwaukee starting to turn favorable again.  Time to get out of the house and let the Five O’Clock Steakhouse pamper you and your guests to an evening they’ll not soon forget.  Hang around late for a nightcap in the Alleycat Lounge ( on the weekends.  It’s the perfect end to a perfect night on the town.