MILWAUKEE — When it comes to a great steakhouse in town, Five O’Clock Steakhouse is on a totally different level. The restaurant is proud of its reputation for being a cut above the rest and its rich history.

“Next year this restaurant will be 75 years old,” says Stelio Kalkounos. “We’re praying and we’re optimistic that we’re going to make it into that 75th anniversary. We’ve been serving steaks to the community since 1946.”

“We’re doing our best to hold the torch and keep it going,” he continued. “It’s been in my family for about 15 years now.”

It’s the way they make their steaks that makes them stand out and gets them the recognition.

” We were awarded nationally by Rachel Ray, she named it one of the top steakhouses in the country,” Kalkounos says. “The Travel Channel named it one of top nine steakhouses in the country.”

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